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Meet Destiny

Welcome! Destiny here, and I’m the founder of Healing Curls who enjoys every moment of delivering empowering, luxury-level services to those who walk through my doors. Coming from a place of experience and passion, I bring with me an extensive background specializing in curly hair cuts, natural treatments, as well as a deep advocacy towards offering proper curl education and consultation. Even more, I love not just helping others achieve their unique versions of success, but doing so all while inspiring them to be proud of their curls, proud of their natural beauty, and more largely, proud to be a part of the curly hair community.

Originally from New Jersey and currently based in Florida following my goals and dreams as a salon owner, my path into the beauty industry initially stemmed around the age of 14. As a young teen with curly hair and a lack of accessible guidance on how to maintain/style curls, it became the catalyst for me to go on a long, self taught venture to learn and study all that I could about curly hair. Falling in love with the field and processes along the way, I later attended beauty school to further my knowledge. From there, I earned my license and had the pleasure of working in a few respected salons throughout South Florida.

With that as my base, I soon blended my experiences, education, and fire to become the very curl resource I wished I had growing up to launch Healing Curls. Today, Healing Curls is so much more than just another beauty salon; it is one that possesses natural products and unprecedented guidance that enables clients to care for their curls independently. In addition, it is one that places intrinsic value on inspiring women to truly love themselves and their curls, feel naturally radiant, and ultimately leave with an unmatched level of confidence that sticks with them well after the session itself is over.

Overall, nothing makes me happier than helping those with curls attain the ‘beyond the chair’ results that enable them to both look and feel their absolute best. From one-on-one curl consultations to tailored cuts, I have a genuine passion for ensuring my clients step into the best versions of themselves and take pride in creating a synergetic salon culture where everyone can feel comfortable as they soak in the luxuries of self-care. This, in conjunction with the salon’s sisterhood energy and full-range services perfect for both long-stayers and lunch breakers, can give you the assurance that your curls are in the hands of someone who truly values exceptional quality (and your happiness) just as much as you do.

In the end, I love what I do and am always seeking ways to raise the bar even more for the curl community as a whole. In part because I adore seeing my clients happy and feel beautiful, and part from the under-toning mission to finally close the resource gap for curl care and curl education. However, on the occasions when I'm not in the salon, you can typically find me out dancing, writing, and treating my own curls using the same natural resources/techniques that I offer to others. After all, I would never recommend anything to my clients that I would not use or try myself.

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